Mobile Bike Services

Group Servicing – 3 or more at once, 10% off 

Standard Service ($68)

A standard service is recommended every 3 to 6 months for a regularly used bicycle. It will improve your bikes efficiency, be more safe and feel more responsive. Regular servicing also means less wear and tear on expensive parts.

  • Brakes checked and adjusted
  • Gears checked and adjusted
  • Chain degreased, cleaned and lubricated
  • Wheel true - minor
  • Bearings check
  • Cables checked and lubricated
  • Correct tyre pressure
  • Complete nuts and bolts tension check
  • Frame brush and wipe
  • Test ride
  • Overall operation check, advise of any parts that need replacement


Total Service ($119)


A Total Service is recommended every 2 years for a regularly used bicycle or for a neglected bicycle to bring it back to it's former glory. Every component of the bike is inspected, adjusted or replaced where needed (cables included, other parts extra). Everything in a standard service plus:

  • Bottom bracket re-greased and adjusted
  • Wheel bearings re-greased and adjusted 
  • Headset re-greased and adjusted 
  • Complete drive-train degrease, clean and lubricate 
  • New stainless steel brake and gear cables
  • Frame, fork and wheels cleaned
  • Clean and lubricate all moving parts

 $10 off for single/fixed gear bikes on servicing packages above



  • Wheel Building
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding ($25)
  • Bike Builds. Assembly of your dream bike
  • Racks and Baskets installation
  • Refurbishments. Got an old bike? It deserves some love and care with a full refurbishment including paint strip, powder-coating and new or refurbished parts
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